Question: What can I do to get over an injustice?

AC Es 9C 10S

A lady can get her wish of the good life by having unconditional love and forgiveness for the people involved in the injustice.  The people involved in the terrible incident need someone to offer them a chance at redemption, no judgment, and forgiveness.  The perfect lady for this is Empress; she already has everything she desires, so there is nothing she wants or needs from the people involved.  People can go to her with their problems because she will be honest as she has nothing to gain from pretense or dishonesty.  The tarot cards have revealed that the lady involved can get over it easily, but it is the other people involved that really should be and most likely will be seeking forgiveness in the future, from the Empress.


Question: How do I get over a betrayal?

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 2.34.11 PM

Tarot is so funny.  It has its own inside jokes with each reading.  I asked the cards how I could get over a betrayal (specifically one caused in the last post), and the above cards all came up reversed for me.

Now, I am not one to read reversals per se, but I do recognize that they are all considered to be sort of “bad” cards when put together, but they are also all reversed.  So this means, to me, that this difficulty will pass for me.  A heartbreak or betrayal (3 Swords) will end (Death) and the truth (Ace of Swords) will be revealed about the sneak (7 Swords).  I really do not like the guy pictured on the Seven of Swords.  He is a thief and a sneak.  He is immoral.  He is a con-artist.  He lies to get his swords.  The mental clarity of the Ace of Swords is being obstructed by the sneaky Seven of Swords.  He is such an asshole.  But it doesn’t really matter in the long run, because my heartache will end and he will still be an untrustworthy sneak.  I’m going to be ok.  Especially because…

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 2.34.24 PM

Look at what happens when I read the cards upside down.  I see this as the thief’s fate.  The sneaky guy (7 Swords) absolutely (Ace of Swords) gets what coming to him as his former life ends -maybe jail? (Death) and he lives with a broken heart and guilt for the rest of his life (3 Swords).  Hmmm… Maybe I am being too hopeful that he gets his karmic return in full, but it sort of looks like he doesn’t end up very happy.

This is why tarot is so funny – it has literally created 2 opposing and connected stories about the same situation as seen from the 2 different people involved.  How droll.

Question: Am I justified in feeling like I am being deceived somehow?


Here we have a brunette lady, Queen of Pentacles.  She is grounded and caring; she is loyal and trustworthy; she is welcoming and nurturing.  She would be a wonderful mother or teacher.  This poor lady is being deceived by a young, charming, handsome cad (Page of Wands).  How do we know this?  Well, look at how the upright cards are grouped – the trusting and loyal lady (Queen of Pents) has her world crashing down (Tower) because she is being deceived (Moon).  The young man (Page of Wands) is reversed, meaning that he is the one causing this deceit.

This lady is justified in feeling like something is not quite right.  There is definitely somebody who is not being honest or is causing unnecessary conflict around her.  She was deceived somehow. This caused a major breakdown in her life, a major transformation.  When put next to Tower and Moon, she looks sad.  She seems to understand that she was deceived, and yet she never thought this young person would do such a thing. It is pure disappointment and recognition of something awful that happened to her.  When reversed, the young man seems to regret his actions, but it is nothing compared to the devastation caused to the lady.

Question: What do I need to know about romance in my life?

Wd 8W HP 8W

The World is not bothered by anything on the outside – she wards off spirits and lives in her own safe bubble.  The Eight of Wands usually represents talk or communication or things happening fast.  The High Priestess is passive, inactive, intuitive, and alone.  The Ten of Wands represents a bundle, a hassle, a heavy load, a burden of some sort.

The story reads like this: A lady doesn’t let gossip get to her. She is above it.  She almost doesn’t even notice it because it is so beneath her.  But because of this talk, she has the burden of going through life alone.  What is the better choice? To nip gossip in the bud and admit it gets to you?  Or to ignore it, let it continue, but in doing so, you are increasingly lonely because people keep talking about you behind your back?

This is a tough situation.  The gossip is what is keeping this lady single, but she is so above it that it cannot bother her or influence her.  The gossip only affects the people in her environment but not the lady herself.  The way to overcome this nastiness is to continue being your awesome self, and eventually the people who matter will see how awesome you are.

Question: What do I need to know about my job?

9C Es WF 6P

Ahhhh… The Nine of Cups.  The relief of the entire deck; the “Your Wish Is Granted” card; the “Sitting Pretty” and “Having More Than Enough” card.  I really love this card.  Anything that follows can’t be all bad!  When the Nine of Cups combines with the Empress, you are in a really good position.  The Empress represents the perfect woman; the fertile goddess; the sexpot; the luxurious and comfortable and yet appreciative lady; the lady who is the best at something.  The Wheel of Fortune means destiny or fate in any respect, whether good or bad (in this case good!). The Six of Pentacles means giving and taking fairly; providing a service to the needy; fairness and balance; getting your fair due.

I almost wish I had been reading for romance here!  Because I was reading for my current job situation, however, I must interpret accordingly.  Sigh…

It looks like I am sitting pretty in my current position.  I am the best at what I do (Empress) and couldn’t really be a better position (9 of Cups).  This definitely makes sense.  I am the only one at my job who does what I do.  I do not really feel like I am in any jeopardy of losing my job because it would be such a hassle for them to find someone else like me. Empress tells me that even though I have plenty, I am appreciative of my current situation and do not take it for granted.  The superior lady (Empress) is fated (Wheel) to get her fair due (6 of Pents).  I always look at which cards are upright and which ones are reversed to give me an idea of what has happened and what is yet to happen, or at least to group them separately.  I read 2 interpretations here: (1) Everybody else sees that I am in a really good position and should be compensated justly, and (2) My wish is to be seen as an irreplaceable asset to the company.

Either way, not too shabby.  Yay me.

Question: What should I do concerning a difficult situation?


I have a difficult situation going on in my life currently that I do not wish to publicly discuss.  My question was, “What should I do in this situation?”

I see that there are 2 groups of cards here: Knight of Cups with Six of Cups, and Wheel of Fortune with Three of Pentacles.

Knight of Cups is the all-around “nice guy.”  I sort of think of him as the Knight in Shining Armor that girls dream about meeting after watching Disney films.  He is kind and emotional, and he comes to you.  Six of Cups always makes me think about a childhood crush or romance.  It is innocent and good, and almost asexual.  The little boy gives the little girls flowers because he likes her.  Awwww…

When combining Wheel of Fortune and Three of Pentacles, I think of destiny (Wheel) meets relationship (3 of Pents).  Because they are reversed, I group them together as something that will happen in the future or something that hasn’t happened yet or possibly will not happen.

The story reads like this: A really nice and cute young guy had a crush on someone when he was innocent and young.  He may come to you to deliver a message of this crush, but you should not do anything in regards to this situation to expedite what is already coming.  He feels like he missed his destiny by not going for this relationship when he had the chance.  He may try to rekindle something, but it is up to fate and your decisions as to whether you want to pursue a relationship with him.  He is a really good guy, but he is also somewhat flighty and unrealistic when it comes down to a “real” relationship.